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This series entitled "Mixed Nature" reflects upon human beings and their relationship to the urban and natural environment that surrounds them. It uncovers a world where humans do not overpower nature but on the contrary, become immersed in it.

Included in this series is “Ivy”: a mixed media installation of photographs of plants and insect wood silhouettes. On a deeper level, my digitally manipulated photographs and the installation “Ivy” present an issue which is very much part of human identity: the need for adaptation. From a distance, it looks like beautiful ivy crawling on the surface of a wall. As viewers get closer, they can appreciate that the leaves of the ivy are made up of various insects and animals. This piece suggests an environment that has lost its logical order and where beings, such as insects, have to transform and assimilate into something else in order to survive.

“Mixed Nature" allows me to express a fantasy world that possesses both the real beauty and the plights that we deal with in our daily lives.

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