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AS THE EARTH WANES: CONSIDERING CLIMATE CHANGE,  ReflectSpace, Glendale Central Library, Glendale, CA, 

Off the Map, Paper maps, cardboard and video projection 14h x 18w x 15d feet, 2022

Off the Map, 2018-2022 by Luciana Abait

     Off the Map is part of a series called “Displacement” which explores displacement, an issue affecting millions of people around the world. I have also experienced displacement: having moved to the US from Argentina, first to Miami and then to Los Angeles, 21 years ago. My work explores and examines this experience.


    Off the Map intends to speak to a universal sense of displacement felt by people who leave their hometown, their roots, their sense of belonging. The installation explores the feeling of being anonymous, of not belonging anywhere, the need to find a new place in the world to call home. The monumental sculptural paper map-mountains are from all over the world and overwhelming—a metaphor for the struggle that the displaced, who are “off the map,” experience in order to achieve a sense of belonging and home.


    The paper maps of Off the Map also present a mixed up world, random and without order. Off the Map is an examination of the current state of the world, in which common sense has been lost and we, as citizens of the world, feel lost without direction.

    These map-mountains also resemble icebergs. Due to global warming, icebergs are melting making certain areas of the world

inhabitable, creating migrations of displaced humans. Off the Map is a commentary on climate change and its dangerous effect on our fragile planet.

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