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A Mid-Morning Garden Dream, Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 1, Los Angeles, CA


Mixed Nature Series offers a new poetic portrayal of Los Angeles depicted through an art installation of manipulated landscapes. This series of artworks reflects upon human beings and their relationship to the urban and natural environment. It uncovers a world where humans do not overpower nature but on the contrary, become immersed in it.


On a deeper level, my digitally manipulated photographs, and the mixed-media installation titled Ivy, both embody a concept which is very much part of Los Angeles’ identity: the need for adaptation. Ivy is a mixed-media installation featuring photographs of plants mounted to individual pieces of wood, each shaped to mimic the contour of an insect, or animal.  At a distance, the individual shapes come together to look like ivy crawling on the surface of the wall. This exhibition aims at depicting an environment that has lost its logical order.  Beings, such as insects, have to transform and assimilate in order to survive. My photographs show idyllic and intimate garden settings where the human presence is always manifest. In some of the works, there are miniature objects of furniture placed inside gardens, as if to function as living environments for people. In other pieces, men and women are presented as insects, moving freely around plants and co-existing in a magical reality.


Mixed Nature Series allows me to express my vision of Los Angeles as a fantasy world that possesses both the real beauty and the plight that we deal with in our daily lives.

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