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Aquarium, Red, Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 3, Los Angeles, CA


     Underwater Series (left) is deeply connected to my experience of living in Southern California. The image of water transmits a sense of peace and calm that is very much embedded in California’s identity. Swimming pools in particular are a very important architectural component of California’s lifestyle and landscape. In my figurative works, my focus is on the architecture found underwater in pools, such as ladders, corners and steps, which lose their sense of usefulness and acquire a symbolic quality. Light is essential, creating theatrical and surreal atmospheres. These works also explore swimmers and their connection to the macrocosm of the underwater environment comprised of vast masses of water contained by the pools’ walls. In my mostly abstract works, I feature depictions of bubbles and reflections of water. These works focus intently on the energy that is transmitted by the explosion of bubbles, and the different moments of the day and passage of time revealed through the variations of light reflected below the surface of the water.

     Aquarium (far left) is a backlit picture-transparency installation that creates the sensation in viewers of being in an aquarium. Each illuminated image is a sort of window which enables spectators to have the sensation of looking inside an aquarium tank. In this Aquarium installation, viewers see images of the underwater environment, but in place of aquatic fauna and florae, they find architectural elements and humans swimming. This encounter invites spectators to question humanity’s relationship to the environment and to the micro and macro cosmos we are part of.

     The red color of the water is a reference to its elemental counterparts, fire and lava. These works encourage the public to walk and explore, image by image, with a sense of wonder and mystery.

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